Our wire-cut EDM machine removes the unnecessary parts from the workpiece based on a computer program. The cutting wire - the thickness of which corresponds to a fragment of a millimetre - removes the metal particles from the surfaces to be separated by using electric current, while the wire and its environment is cooled by demineralized water. Thanks to this, the cut itself is very accurate, respectively, also the waste can be minimized. The cut surface is very smooth and the rough surface irregularities, experienced during the traditional material separation technologies do not occur on it. This technology is suitable for machining the most of metal and plastic materials.




Munkadarab maximális tömege 50kg
Mozgási tartomány (X,Y,Z) 380,270,120mm
Huzal elhajlása
Vágó huzal átmérője 0,15 – 0,3mm
Dielektrikum Ioncserélt víz
Gép méretei 2200 x 1600 x 1800mm


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