Thanks to our computer-controlled machining centres and lathes, some years ago we were able to start the fulfilment of our clients’ requirements related to completely unique devices. Our 3+ dimensional machines are able to produce spare parts of almost any complexity. We undertake works of this kind also based on ready ideas, but, if necessary, we can carry out also the design if the client requests it. In most of the cases, the client needs a solution in relation to an existing problem, but the method of implementation is usually up to us. In such cases our engineers try to find a solution for the problem based on a site visit, design the necessary components by the help of a computer, check the trouble-free character of their mechanical operation and manufacture them. Based on individual agreements, the finished parts are installed and maintained. So far our most interesting work was a relief milled from an aluminium block, depicting a human face.

As a result of our technological development, in addition to the preparation of hot-regime tools manufactured for our own needs it has become possible to prepare also bending, punching and injection moulding tools and 3D machining based on computer models.

We also undertake to repair and fix your existing tools.

In 2015 we developed our granary-tilting structure.


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