The company was founded in 1989 by István Farkas, who is still the sole owner. We started our operation in a workshop of 70 m2 and with only one employee, by using a basic fleet of machines, as a business engaged in cutting. Shortly after starting our business, we established an own foundry that enabled us to expand the scope of our activities also with the manufacturing of brass fittings. Thanks to the continuous development and the increase in the number of our employees, img 8107in 1995 we outgrew our previous workshop and moved to our current site. In order to meet the increased needs, at the new site we have established, amongst others, a bigger foundry, respectively, a forging plant for the mass products that require more precise machining technologies. In respect of the cutting machineries, we have purchased, respectively, put together a number of automated special-purpose machines. From then on, we have acquired a number of international relationships which have been working successfully and smoothly for several years, thanks to the quick and thorough work of our colleagues assigned with communication.  Until 2008 we had been working on a floor space of 2,300 m2, but already in the first half of this year we decided to expand the floor space of our halls with 800 m2. Thanks to some successful applications, we became able to purchase several computer-controlled machining centres, thus our services have become significantly expanded and we have become able to manufacture our individual, respectively, mass products more precisely and in a better quality. Thanks to these developments, we are not only able to work faster and more accurately, but the completion of the previous seemingly impossible tasks has become possible. By using our new machining centres we are able to fulfil also unusual requests, for instance, the preparation of a relief milled into metal or even a metal chess board. The increase in the precision of production required us to furnish an air-conditioned measurement laboratory in 2013 where the finished workpieces can be checked by our colleagues with thousandth-level accuracy by using special computers. Since the second half of the same year, we have been operating also a purity testing laboratory where we perform purity testing measurements for our clients in need of it, in an air-conditioned and dust-free environment. Currently we employ more than 40 employees in a number of activity fields. During the fulfilment of our orders, we primarily try to ensure that our experts can provide the highest quality to our clients by applying their best knowledge, our modern fleet of machines and continuous quality control.


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