The main profile of our company is the machining and forming of various metals and plastics. As a by-product of this activity, a significant amount of recyclable waste, chip occurs, the management of which is rather difficult over a certain volume. In easier cases, the chip removed from the machine is collected in the granaries with rollers received as a factory accessory to our machining centres, and the chip is then easily transportable by the operators to the chip storage; however, the emptying of the granary is difficult and can only be resolved by shoveling. In case of our traditional machines, we used granaries without wheels, even for the mere moving of which we needed a forklift truck. For these reasons, our engineers have developed a device that facilitates the emptying process of the specially shaped granaries manufactured by us. The official technical inspection, licensing and localization of our device was performed by the experts of Szent István University in Gödöllő. Registration of the industrial protection of the device is in progress.


The structure indicated in the below animation is slidable to the forks of the forklift truck, and then they can be attached to the forklift truck by the pins. The side grips of the granary manufactured by us are slidable into the structure, while the fixation is provided by a hook equipped with a spring. The granary-moving cylinders use the hydraulic systems of the fork trucks. It is possible to operate the device from the cabin, by connecting it to the hydraulic quick connector located on the forklift truck.

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The device can be used in combination with the chip-storing granaries manufactured by us and shown in the below picture, which can be purchased also independently from the device. Of course, the granaries are equipped with industrial grips and wheels rotating to 360° around the horizontal and vertical axis, in order to ensure easy handling, furthermore, they also have a tap to drain any potential liquids. Although the development of the structure was primarily induced by the difficult operability of the chips, of course, anything can be stored in the granaries. On demand, we can produce the granary with other design, too. Of course, the chip-storing granary can be purchased also separately and it can be used also without the device!

  • Volume: ~240 l
  • Load-bearing capacity: 250 kg

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Viewing of the dimensioned technical drawing of the granary


  • Granaries can be moved with minimum power requirement
  • All granaries are equipped with a reinforcing frame in order to achieve higher mechanical strength, and they serve also as a grip at the and of the granary
  • High load-bearing capacity
  • It can be used practically with all types of forklift trucks (in case your forklift truck does not have a hydraulic quick connector, it can be usually purchased from the forklift truck’s dealer).
  • By lifting the granaries above the waste container, they can be emptied, controlled from the cabin and there is no need for shoveling.
  • The cooling oil and other liquids accumulated at the bottom of the granary can be easily drained through the tap located at the bottom edge of the granary.
  • We have designed the granaries to ensure that - thanks to their structure and dimensions - they are suitable for replacing the traditional granaries with rollers, belonging to most of the machining centres; thus it is not necessary to bother with their emptying.
  • Thanks to the pin-based fixation, the device and the granary does not move even at higher acceleration, in contrast with the traditional types of granaries which could even fall down from the forks in case of sudden braking.



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