By the traditional coordinate drilling-milling equipment we perform the quick and accurate machining of very large and heavy workpieces. Although our machine does not use a CNC-based technology and is equipped only with a digital position display, the accuracy it provides reaches 10 µm.



Clamping area of ​​table 1000x1600mm
Longitudinal movement of table 1400
Permitted table load 20000N
Distance between columns 1600 mm
Vertical adjustment 700 mm crosshead
Adjusting the vertical spindle 1000 mm crosshead
Adjusting the horizontal head on stand 700 mm
Support bearing adjustment on the stand 700 mm
Quill range of both headstocks 300 mm
Quill diameter 120 mm
Special Tooling cone 15 100
Speed ​​vertical spindle:
Number of stages 23
Range 12,5-2000 / min
Horizontal spindle speed :
The number of degrees 8
Range 20-1000 / min
Drilling displacements of both spindles:
The number of degrees: 8
Range 0.025 to 0.63 mm / rev
Milling Feeds:
Vertical spindle 4 degrees in the range 25 to 150 mm / min
Horizontal spindle 6 degrees in the range 50 to 500 mm / min
Table feed 20 to 300 mm / min
Rapid table ( forward - backward) 2000.2500 mm / min
Rapid vertical spindle 1500 mm / min
Electric motor for spindle drive 4kW
The largest machine dimensions ( L x W x H ) 4030x3130x3313mm
Machine weight 16,000 kg


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