In the first decade after the foundation of our company, the manufacturing of brass-based products dominated our profile. Today it is outweighed by the appearance of the CNC technology, the demand for it, respectively, the transformation of the market. As the latest technology, the copper components manufactured for water, gas and heating systems have recently been replaced by plastic-based, cheap and easy-to-assemble foreign parts. For these reasons, we were forced to break down our copper machining business to a certain extent and we transformed our business policy. Nevertheless, we have not completely finished our operations in this market and we still manufacture components for such kind of systems, although currently our product portfolio is only a third of its former self. We perform the full design and manufacture of pipes made of brass; the prefabricates of the various brass fittings, pipes and fittings are manufactured by hot stamping and die casting in our plants where they receive their final form by cutting.

We continued to manufacture brass-based products because of a number of their advantages compared to the plastic-based technology. Although more and more mechanics select plastic products, the brass-based products still are not completely pushed out of the market. Below you can read about the advantages of copper-based products compared to plastic components:

  • They are not damaged at high temperature, while the plastic pipes are guaranteed up to ~94°C.
  • Significantly higher mechanical strength: the copper parts are more durable against mechanical impacts.
  • Longer lifetime: thanks to the above listed features, the well-assembled copper parts fulfil their task reliably for at least 30-40 years.


  • 8 cutting special-purpose cutting machines
  • 5 pcs of presses (to be used between 50 and 250 tons)

Below you can find the catalogue with our current products. You can find further details, data and dimensions by clicking on the pictures.

They are not damaged at high temperature, while the plastic pipes are guaranteed up to ~94°C.


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